Becoming A Member

Annual Fee

Benefactor : from € 100

Infividual Member : € 55

Couple : € 75

Student < 25 years : € 20

France-Grande Bretagne is a non-profit organisation of general interest. A fiscal receipt is given for the sum received.

12 + 4 =

How to pay or renew

By cheque :

clipped to the above form, addressed to :

Association France-Grande Bretagne
c/o Banque Transatlantique
26 avenue Franklin Roosevelt
75008 Paris

Online :

by clicking on the following link, secured by the Banque Transatlantique :

In Paiement, choose Cotisation.
In Référence, type : Adhésion annuelle
Please write the relevant name(s) in Commentaires (bottom of the page).

If you choose to pay online, please nevertheless send the registration form to the above address.